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tiny fingers forever approached me with the goal of updating and enhancing their online business front.  They wanted to have a site that provided information and high quality images to display their products easily and in an enjoyable format.

Thus Infinity FOCUS commenced the development of tinyfingersforever.com.  This is one of the first websites that Infinity FOCUS created for a commercial client…and even though it had it’s challenges and BIG learning curves, it turned out to be one of my favorite websites to build.

One such challenge was figuring out how to make a ribbon style header that was soft and flowing to convey the feel of the tiny fingers forever business.  Away I went in the amazing Adobe Photoshop program to create such a design. The end result achieved not only what my client was looking for but also what I was reaching toward. (Something that designers don’t always get, as the client’s dreams and goals always come first!)  All in all it was a fun and exciting website to design and build!

tinyfingersforever.com was also a great launching block for the new Web Design aspect of Infinity FOCUS!

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    Tammy & Gary

    Planning a wedding is stressful, finalizing the details right down to the photo layout. Kerzdenn made this a memorable experience; he was as excited about our locations as we. He made our group feel comfortable and relaxed. We received our proofs in exceptional time and he gave us so many options. He captured the essence of who we are, each of our children’s personalities shine through our photos. Thanks for making our day in so many ways!

    Tammy & Gary