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The logo that required every creative bone and trick of the graphic design trade!!!

What logo expresses the company name “tiny fingers forever”?  This question coursed through my brain hour after hour as I sketched out brainstorm after brainstorm.  And then the idea hit me…Logo1of tiny hands and feet flowing off the end of a logo to give the appearance of a 3D impression.

Following this crazy cool idea came the reality that I had to somehow design and vector this logo…and vectoring shades and shadows is not a walk in the park!  No joke, I would find myself staring at my hands trying to see them in 2D to pick up the extremely slight color differences that give a hand a 3D look.  After hours of staring at my computer screen zoomed to 400% I finally felt that I had achieved a realistic looking impression of tiny hands and feet.

After this was accomplished, the rest of the logo just fell into place with the company name wrapping around the number 4!

Thus the creation of a very difficult and amazing looking logo for tiny fingers forever.

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