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AMAZING!  Yes this is the word I use for the recent senior photo session with Aleita Kowalchuk (my dear older sister)!  The weather has been turning very Fallish with a hint of snow in the air…but we were able to capture a few hours of incredible weather and lighting to shoot some senior pictures.  Now, for all those that are wondering…no my older sister isn’t just now graduating (smile).  I call this a senior photo session because this is the type of photography session that my sister wanted!  Okay, with that behind us (grin) let’s get onto the fun stuff…the pictures!

Oh, one other thing I have to mention about this photo shoot: Having the sun play hide-n-seek with us as it peeks around this cloud and then around that cloud made for some AMAZING lighting.  I would get a shot all set up with what I thought was some pretty good lighting and then when I would raise my trusty Canon camera to my eye I could feel the sun peeking out from behind a cloud and would see breath-taking sun rays dynamically enhancing my original composition.  Well, all this happened over and over again and took less a second…so all I could do was hammer away on my camera for the few fleeting moments that I had that ray of light. Then the sun would hide behind the next cloud and we would move on to the next location or composition.  All in all I have to say that I am so thankful that God was managing the lighting for me on this shoot (Thank you, Lord).

Okay…so for the pictures!

One of my TOP Favorites!

Another one of my TOP Favorites!  And this one is pretty much totally raw with no edits!

Aleita was looking for some silhouette pictures for some projects, thus we got down to business finding the best contrasting lighting background!

Aleita wanted to take some pictures with her puppies (which are the start of a new business for her)!

We even had an escapee!

And we can’t forget about my WONDERFUL Director of Photography ~ Miss Kathlyn!

Thanks Aleita for the opportunity to capture your Fall memories!

4 Responses so far.

  1. Aleita Kowalchuk says:

    Thank you for the very nice post – wow, I feel sortof famous now! 😀 I very much enjoy the pictures! Thanks again!

  2. Kendalyn says:

    Great job on the photoshoot, Kerzdenn! Awesome pics!

  3. Jason Mayo says:

    Lovely photo’s, makes me want to pick the camera up.

  4. Robert Staddon says:

    WOW!! Great shots!!

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