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2011_06_11_KABK_0533I had the amazing opportunity to shoot Kendalyn and Robert’s wedding on June 11, 2011. What a day it was!  The challenges that I faced at this wedding were totally new to me when you think of wedding photography.  They were not the challenges of lighting or even the challenges of camera equipment.  No…they were the challenges of survival (Big Grin).  I promise you that I kid not!!!

2011_06_11_KABK_0067    The Bride!2011_06_11_KABK_0025

2011_06_11_KABK_0573The ring bearers hoofed it down the isle of the church…almost missed them!2011_06_11_KABK_0281



The wedding was held in Houston, Texas and the heat index of that day was roaming around 110 Fahrenheit.  So you might be asking yourself what challenges I faced…well when you have a whole wedding party in FULL wedding attire and you are also dressed to the hilt, the combination of this with the weather presents the challenge of working with sweltering subjects while sweltering myself.  Even though the idea of jumping into the nearby cold, refreshing water was ringing in my thoughts, I had to somehow keep the energy alive in the wedding party for the photo shoot!  Well, I have to say that God was totally on my side and allowed my camera equipment to function super well (including the new flash feature of the Gary Fong Lightsphere Diffuser).  Also the wedding party was awesome in focusing on me during the photo shoot (something you normally have to FIGHT for)!2011_06_11_KABK_0444

    Shooting with the amazing Gary Fong Lightsphere Diffuser!








I was so thankful during this wedding to have Lenspiration assisting with the photography.  James Staddon is an outstanding photographer and I really look forward to the next time our paths meet in the photography industry!

061211-JAS_9184     2011_06_11_KABK_0665


All in all it was an amazing day.  And like all the weddings I shoot…the couple ended the day VERY married and I ended the day with a camera FULL of wedding memories!

3 Responses so far.

  1. Layne Huber says:

    Good job! Excellent photography.

  2. Kendalyn Staddon says:

    The pictures are wonderful, Kerzdenn! I’ve been taking my book you made everywhere and showing people and they LOVE the photography! You did a superb job and I’m so happy with them all. Now to fill the frames in our home…

  3. Kerzdenn, you did a fantastic job! I was very impressed with the top-notch professionalism of the pictures you got. Kendalyn and I will treasure these photos for the rest of our lives. Thank you!

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