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Introducing the NEWEST addition to Infinity FOCUS…Business Development!!!

Are you an organization or businesses that knows you need to advertise with more up-to-date methods such as a website, social media, branding, etc?  Are you wondering where to start or what business media development is right for your company?  Infinity FOCUS has got you covered with Business Development!

Business Development is focused on helping organizations of all sizes find creative ways to expand in the area of media.  We are committed to helping you find the right media tools to propel your business growth!  This might mean that you need a website developed, a logo to brand your product(s), a Twitter and Facebook account to connect with YOUR market, or a host of other media tools that may fit your business and marketing needs!

How do we help you?

We follow these three basic steps to…


Instead of spending your hard earned cash on advertising to the general public, let me help you find your niche and focus where it counts!

1st Session = FREE

– What’s your idea?

– How can I help you?

– Set up future brainstorming sessions.

Follow up sessions

– Who is the target.

– What can/do you offer?

– How is the best way to catch your audience?

– How do you picture your company?

– Branding ideas.

– Develop logo/brand.

– Develop website.

– Set up social network tools.

– Develop business cards/flyers/etc.

– Take product/staff pictures for website.

– Develop website content.

– Brand business with logo and slogan.

– Shoot promo/product videos.

– Refining website content.

– Continual marketing evaluation.

– Adjusting business plan to meet customer needs.


If you would like some more information on whether this service is right for you, please feel free to contact me or chat with me live (just click on the “Chat with us!” box on the lower right hand side of the screen).

Infinity FOCUS Business Development looks forward to servicing your organization/business in the future!

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