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Integrity Tool Company’s logo was a super fun project as it presented me with some new challenges that made it a fun design job to conquer!

As always, my goal in creating is to design a logo that will not only express what the company does and wants to present to the world, but that is also a brand that will look cool and be eye catchy for years to come!  Thus the design work began.  Integrity Tool Company is a company that is run by my Father-In-Law. He installs automotive lifts of pretty much any size or shape to hoist up virtually any kind of automotive device.

With the thought of automotive lifts in my mind I started to sketch on my much beloved BAMBOO Tablet some ideas of how I could express what the business is through a logo.  After many crazy ideas that just didn’t look right I finally stumbled upon the idea of a 3D looking lift in the shape of the letter “t”. Also, putting a big round ball on top of the far left post to look like the the letter “i”, while also looking like something the hoist is lifting up.  A bit of the challenge to this logo was to create a 3D perspective and adding the company name.

All in all I have to say that this was a super cool logo design project! I think that it made my clients happy (always good to have happy in-laws), and I finished off the project TOTALLY loving it!  Will be posting an update soon when the NEW website for Integrity Tool Company is launched!

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    Shannon McQuaig

    I met Kerzdenn when he and his wife decided to hire me to be their birth coach (doula) for the birth of there daughter. During one of our meetings Kerzdenn asked me if I would be interested in having a web site for my Doula business. I had never really thought about it until he brought up the fact I was the one doula in the association that didn't have one. We decided that we would swap services and I can tell you without a doubt, it was the best decision I ever made.
    Kerzdenn was the easiest person to work...

    Shannon McQuaig
    Holding Hands Doula Services