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Dutch Monarch Gourmet Ice Cream! What a mouthwatering website to work on. I had the incredible opportunity to fully take over the Dutch Monarch website and to do a total makeover of the site and social media! So where to start…well the first thing I did was to transfer all of the data over to my server, then began the fun task of designing a whole new look that would help to sell this amazing, Dutch Specialty Ice Cream.
This ice cream was developed by a Dutch baker many years ago and the secret recipe was passed onto to the owners of Dutch Monarch. The owners then had the idea of figuring out a way to create an ice cream that could be shipped as a powder, was easy and quick to make, but still kept its gourmet texture and appeal. Thus, Dutch Monarch Gourmet Ice Cream Powder came into being!
One side note: A MAJOR perk to being the designer for the new website… since I was going to need to fully understand the product and take product pictures, the company sent me a whole box of gourmet ice cream powder for developmental purposes (big grin). It was extremely fun to mix up batch after batch of ice cream for website development design, and then it was even more fun to find ways to eat it all!!!
From a designer’s point of view, this website presented many new challenges for me since it needed its own custom designed shopping cart. It turned out to be more complex and extremely challenging to make everything WORK. But at long last and after lots of fun coding, the shopping cart came into being and the site was officially launched!
If you are looking for some amazing Gourmet Ice Cream that you can store in your pantry until your next party, Dutch Monarch Ice Cream Powder is what you NEED!

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    Cathy Van Essen

    One of the things we really appreciated about Kerzdenn’s work on our website was his willingness to stick with it until he got what we were after. He wanted us to be happy with the results. We were very grateful for his counsel along the way concerning social media and positive ways to grow our business. His enthusiastic attitude and continued help and support are invaluable. Thanks Kerzdenn!

    Cathy Van Essen
    Dutch Monarch