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Gourmet Ice Cream…now doesn’t that sound AMAZING!

First, I want to say that James Staddon with Lenspiration did an outstanding job of upgrading Dutch Monarch’s logo! I had the privilege of taking the new logo and creating a fully vectored logo design.  Normally my  vectoring jobs are quite the challenge because I am working with old logos that are super small jpg or bmt files, but this job was way better as Lenspiration provided me with a full high res image of the updated logo in a PSD file. (Thanks a million, James!)

Although I had such an amazing and seemingly simple task of just converting the logo into a vectored logo, it turned out to be more challenging then I had first thought!  The text and basic background gradient shapes vectored across quite simply, but then I started the challenge of the Dutch shoes (clogs) and the crown.  The shoes converted across with some hard work…but the crown turned into quite the job.  If you look closely at the crown you will see that there are TONS of shades that make up the picture.  The original image of the crown for the logo was a slightly blurry and grainy jpg image, so when I started to vector the different shades it became quite the task.

I thought I would simplify the crown by reducing the amount of shading, but then the crown just didn’t look right.  Between the incredibly advanced Adobe Illustrator CS5 tools and many hours of maticulous work the crown was finally vectored…and I think it looks pretty good!

Also to come is the very cool and much more user friendly updated Dutch Monarch Website.  Check back to see how that project turns out…


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    Cathy Van Essen

    One of the things we really appreciated about Kerzdenn’s work on our website was his willingness to stick with it until he got what we were after. He wanted us to be happy with the results. We were very grateful for his counsel along the way concerning social media and positive ways to grow our business. His enthusiastic attitude and continued help and support are invaluable. Thanks Kerzdenn!

    Cathy Van Essen
    Dutch Monarch