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AMAZING!  Yes this is the word I use for the recent senior photo session with Aleita Kowalchuk (my dear older sister)!  The weather has been turning very Fallish with a hint of snow in the air…but we were able to capture a few hours of incredible weather and lighting to shoot some senior pictures.  Now,  [ Read More ]

How to describe this family photo session in just a few words…INCREDIBLE and VERY CUTE! When I was asked to shoot the Guynup’s family photos I was super excited.  This FALL I have been busy with every other aspect of Infinity FOCUS and have not had a whole lot of time to take family pictures…and  [ Read More ]

Dusk Fog Photography can be quite the challenge but as long as you know a couple of key things this challenge can be overcome with complete ease! Of course the first thing to a good dusk fog photo shoot is…

The wedding was held in Houston, Texas and the heat index of that day was roaming around 110 Fahrenheit, but in the end as is always the story…

Capturing fleeting baby moments forever in a creative and fun way!
I had the opportunity to work with tiny fingers forever by taking commercial pictures of their amazing products.

Comically, this was the second time I had the chance to work with the Marchand family in sub-zero weather, which always goes a long way in creating lots of excitement…

It was a cold but beautiful day in December when Crina walked down the isle to meet her Zack…

This was a family photo session that is one worth telling! The family arrived at our sheep ranch for some ranch style family pictures. The crazy factor of the day is that rolling in fast from the horizon was a very black fierce looking storm! Thus when the family arrives, I had them in position  [ Read More ]

Back on May 16, 2010 I had the awesome privilege of shooting the 2010 AHEA Conference! It was a lot of fun to intermingle with all the people that were coming to find out create ways to educate their children. Being in the Westerner Building in Red Deer with all the attendants of the AHEA  [ Read More ]

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