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Do you have a business or organization that you have wanted to see expand but have no idea how to start and especially have no idea how to properly market your business with media tools?

Kerzdenn Kowalchuk started the business development aspect of Infinity FOCUS since he was already using his skills in this area for numerous companies and ministries across North America through individual services such as photography/graphic design/web design/etc.!

With his Master Degree in Business Administration and media background he is able to help clients find the right media tools that will cause their business to gain the public media exposure that it needs.

One mindset that Kerzdenn has run into is that one doesn’t really need a website for their business or organization.  This is not true since the general population searches for products and services online…especially now that mobile devices have become so popular.  A website is critical to almost every company or organization out there to help gain the proper marketing traffic.  But Kerzdenn with Infinity FOCUS doesn’t just stop with building you a website, he helps to make sure you are using social media and marketing technology in order to drive customers & clients to your website.

Although Kerzdenn is not a marketing expert and can’t guarantee that he will be able to sell your product or service (as supply and demand greatly affect profitability), he does guarantee that he will help you wisely find only the necessary media tools for maximizing your exposure to the public while keeping your business development costs to a minimum.

“I can’t wait to service you in your business or organization.  Feel free to contact me or chat with me live anytime!” ~ Kerzdenn Kowalchuk


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    Cathy Van Essen

    One of the things we really appreciated about Kerzdenn’s work on our website was his willingness to stick with it until he got what we were after. He wanted us to be happy with the results. We were very grateful for his counsel along the way concerning social media and positive ways to grow our business. His enthusiastic attitude and continued help and support are invaluable. Thanks Kerzdenn!

    Cathy Van Essen
    Dutch Monarch